Macro Pantry is the web-app you need to track your macros, recipes, costs, and everything else related to changing your eating habits.

Macro Pantry was created out of my frustration in not being able to find any apps that did exactly what I needed them to do, with the accuracy and precision that I wanted when calculating my food intake.

With Macro Pantry not only can you create recipes, but you can track the exact nutritional makeup of those recipes as well as how much it costs to make them! There's also a food log that helps you stay on track to hitting your daily macros (which you also keep up with in the app). Need to generate a shopping list? That's fine! Go to your food log and plan out your next week's worth of meals, snacks, drinks, shakes, etc. On the specific day you want to generate a shopping list for, it's easy to click a button and have every recipe's ingredient and the ingredient amount added to the shopping list. No longer will you just see "eggs" or "milk" on the shopping list...you see exactly how many eggs and how much milk you need.

When I started my keto journey, I quickly realize that I simply would not be able to be as accurate as ketosis demands if I were to continue using Excel spreadsheets and lackluster apps. That's when I set out to creating Macro Pantry, and this is as close as you're going to get to accurately measure exactly what goes into your body every day.

Since accuracy is a very important aspect of the way the program works, you will not be able to enter teaspoons, tablespoons, or any other volumeetric measurements. All measurements are done in pounds, ounces, grams, or milligrams. You will need a food scale in order to use Macro Pantry accurately, as you will also be weighing out the food you take in and logging on the food log.

This subreddit is in place instead of a forum solution on macropantry.com -- please use it for any help, discussions, or sharing any recipes or information you may have related to dieting or even going full keto.

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