Keep track of all of the stores and vendors you deal with the most.



Know which brand an item is so that you always purchase the same thing, with the same nutrition.


Manage all of the items you use in your recipes, or other packaged foods you might eat.

Items (Edit)

Set in-depth item information so that you get the most accurate nutrition information.


A listing of all of your recipes helps keep your food database in order.

Recipes (Edit)

Set ingredients, serving sizes, and more using the recipe editor.

Recipes (View)

In the recipe view mode, you get your entire recipe, as well as scaling options, and accurate, in-depth nutrition data.

Food Log

Track how much food you're eating, as well as how the nutrition stacks up against your macros.

Shopping List

Add ingredients to your shopping list manually, or using the "Add Today to the Shopping List" button in the food log.

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